As a leader in global defense training, Top Aces provides adversary air (ADAIR) and joint terminal attack controller (JTAC) technology and training to armed forces across North America and Europe. The mission-critical training offered by Top Aces enhances the operational readiness of combat forces, imparting real-world experience while generating substantial cost efficiencies and prolonging the lifespan of military aircraft fleets.

The Company’s overarching purpose is to maximize military readiness, preparing our men and women in uniform for deployed operations, a critical imperative in light of today’s geopolitical climate. Our focus lies not merely in increasing training volume, but in enhancing training effectiveness.

Global ESG Principles

Despite the unique challenges inherent to the military aviation sector, Top Aces is committed to progressing on its ESG journey, striving to bolster environmental sustainability, embed social responsibility, and uphold robust corporate governance throughout all facets of our operations.

In pursuit of this objective, we have instituted a set of ESG Global Principles, serving as a comprehensive framework for advancing our sustainability efforts.

Safety takes precedence in every decision, action, and investment we undertake.


Strive to continuously improve our environmental practices and performance, while ensuring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.


Cultivate a highly engaging and inclusive atmosphere, emphasizing an unwavering commitment to safety and innovation, while consistently striving to make a positive impact in our communities.


Foster a culture that upholds the utmost standards in ethical business conduct, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance.

ESG Policy

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